Volvo Key Fob Tricks And Hidden Features Revealed

Volvo Key Fob Tricks

Once you take home your new Volvo vehicle, you'll probably be eager to discover all of your new car's hidden secrets and features, including Volvo key fob tricks.

We're going to go over the Volvo key fob buttons and their functions, then tell you all about key fob hidden features and how to roll down your windows using the Volvo key fob.

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Basic Volvo Key Fob Instructions

Before we get into the hidden Volvo key fob tricks, let's quickly review what each button does on the key fob for your new Volvo XC90 for sale. There are three basic Volvo key fob functions:

  • Lock the car
  • Unlock the car
  • Unlock the tailgate

There is also a panic button for emergencies on the left side of the remote that will sound the horn and flash the turn signal blinkers. Pressing the button a second time will turn off the alarm.

If your new Volvo SUV is equipped with keyless entry, the vehicle will unlock when you pull the door handle, provided that the key fob is in your purse or pocket. You can then press the remote start button and drive off without ever having to fumble for your car keys.

Volvo Key Tricks

Now that you know what each button on the Volvo remote key fob does, let's look at some of the Volvo key fob hidden features that will add even more enjoyment to the vehicles in our new Volvo XC60 selection.

If you thought the lock button could only be used to lock and unlock your car, you're in for a pleasant surprise. The lock button can perform all kinds of Volvo key fob tricks, including closing the windows, moonroof, and sunshade (if equipped).

To close the windows on your new Volvo SUV using the key fob, press and hold the lock button for two seconds. This will also close the moonroof and sunshade. If you're closing the moonroof, you'll need to keep the lock button depressed until the moonroof is completely closed.

The unlock button on your Volvo key fob will disengage the alarm and unlock the driver's door when pressed a single time. Pressing the button twice in succession will unlock the other doors and the tailgate.

Now, if you'd like to open the windows before you climb behind the wheel and let some fresh air circulate throughout the cabin, press and hold the unlock button for four seconds to open the windows with the Volvo key fob.

To open or close the tailgate with your Volvo key fob, press the tailgate button once to turn off the alarm and remote-open the tailgate. After the tailgate is open, press and hold the tailgate button to close it.

How to Change the Battery in Your Volvo Key Fob

The Volvo key fob for your new Volvo XC40 Recharge contains a battery that will likely need to be changed at some point during your Volvo lease. If the battery on your Volvo key fob dies, don't worry, you can still unlock/lock the car and drive the vehicle.

Hidden inside the key fob is a mechanical key blade, allowing it to open the driver's side door when the remote key's battery is out of power. If your car's battery is dead, the Volvo key fob won't work, but you can still access the vehicle by using the key blade to open the driver's side door.

To access the key blade, hold the key fob with the Volvo Cars logo facing you. Make that the logo is right-side up. When you hold the key fob this way, you'll find a small black button on the bottom left of the key fob. Slide this button down and to the right while sliding the cover down and up. The cover will loosen and slide off. You will find the key blade beneath the cover. Remove it from the fob to use the mechanical key blade.

To change the battery in your Volvo key fob, remove the cover using the same method. Once you've removed the cover, rotate the key fob in your hand 90 degrees. You will now find a small grey button in the top right corner of the key fob. For reference, the black button you used to open the cover will be on the bottom right corner of the key fob.

Press this grey button to slide and remove the back cover from the remote key. Turn the key fob over to reveal the battery compartment. Use a flat head screwdriver or coin to turn the cover counterclockwise, so the arrows align at "OPEN." Pry the battery cover up to reveal the CR 2032 3V battery.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you roll down your windows with a Volvo key fob?

To roll down the windows on your new Volvo vehicle using the Volvo key fob, press and hold the unlock button on your remote key for four seconds. To roll up the windows, press and hold the lock button for two seconds. Your Volvo remote key will also open/close the tailgate.

What is the yellow button on a Volvo key fob?

The yellow button on your Volvo key fob will turn on the interior lights and headlights. This is a handy feature for trying to find your parked car in a full parking structure. These lights are also referred to as "follow me home lights." Don't hesitate to get in touch with our sales department with any questions about using your Volvo remote key.

Can you roll down the windows with a Volvo key fob?

Yes, you can roll down the windows by using the Volvo remote key fob. To roll down the windows using the Volvo key fob, press and hold the unlock button for four seconds. Pressing the lock button for two seconds will roll up the windows and close the sunshade and moonroof (if equipped). Contact our sales department to ask about using your Volvo remote key.

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