Care By Volvo Subscription Plan Details in Houston, TX

Care by Volvo Subscription Plan

The Care by Volvo program makes leasing a new Volvo model a breeze. Start your next lease by applying for this new subscription car service online. After a couple of easy steps, browse through our wide-ranging inventory of SUVs, wagons, and sedans, and soon our team will approve you to bring one home if you're eligible.

The Care by Volvo subscription gives you several leasing benefits and more flexibility than even a two or three-year lease agreement. Learn more about this unique opportunity at Grubbs Volvo Cars Central Houston now. Our vehicle experts are excited to tell you all they know about the new leasing process that's sweeping through Volvo dealerships across the country.

How does Care by Volvo work?

The all-inclusive car subscription by Care by Volvo.

1. Select

Browse our eligible Care by Volvo inventory online or in-store.

2. Start

In a few easy steps, we confirm your insurance and credit eligibility.

3. Delivery

You can take your subscription car home the same day or schedule delivery on your preferred date.

4. Drive!

Our flexible subscription allows you to cancel any time after 5 months.

What's included in your flexible car subscription?

The monthly fee covers the practical stuff.
You only need to worry about expenses such as gas and tolls.

Monthly Payment
Insurance Coverage
Flexible Subscription Term
1,250 Monthly Mileage
Factory Scheduled Maintenance
Excess Wear Protection
Tire and Wheel Protection
Roadside Assistance

Frequently Asked Questions About Care by Volvo

Determining your Care by Volvo eligibility begins online when you subscribe. Our team will review your credit score and valid driver's license, provide gap insurance options, and answer any questions you have. Here are some of the questions our neighbors typically ask during our straightforward and easy-to-follow Care by Volvo approval process.

What does Care by Volvo mean?

Simplify how you drive and boil all of your car coverage down to one monthly payment. The Care by Volvo program includes your miles, maintenance, standard vehicle ownership services, and Volvo insurance. All you have to do is make your first five scheduled monthly payments, and you'll be able to return and re-qualify for another Volvo vehicle easily. Instead of waiting for a traditional 24 or 36-month lease term to end before finding a model that fits better, you'll be able to get one now.

What is a Care by Volvo package?

The Care by Volvo mileage is 1,250 miles every month. That comes out to a yearly total of 15,000 miles. At this time, additional mileage is not available for purchase. Every mile over the 1,250 monthly limit is $0.25 per mile. Volvo roadside assistance will have your back wherever you take your new car.

Is Care by Volvo negotiable?

Your Care by Volvo cost will vary based on vehicle model, location, and other factors. Here are some of the unique ways the Care by Volvo program works with you if you're on the move. If you set up shop in another state, notify us of your address change, and we'll mail you your new insurance cards and required documentation. You can even drive your Volvo sedan, SUV, or wagon in Canada for 30 days or less under the Care by Volvo program.

Learn More About Care by Volvo in Houston, TX

We're waiting to assist you in Houston, TX, with a flexible lease that carries a whole host of additional benefits. Get your driving situation under control in the Care by Volvo program and make your next move your best move. Our Volvo Cars Grubbs Central Houston staff will take you through all of our options for new sedans, SUVs, and wagon models. They know our trim levels down to the last detail and will help you find a car that's exciting to drive every time you take the wheel.

Get started now by signing up for Care by Volvo. We can't wait to introduce you to the new Volvo S60 for sale, the next generation of Volvo Recharge models, and how the future of leasing is will be. The Care by Volvo subscription is here, and an entirely new level of flexible leasing is available now. Explore our recently released vehicles and take your pick now through Care by Volvo in Houston, TX.

Care By Volvo | Grubbs Volvo Cars Central Houston - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

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