Used Volvo XC40 SUVs For Sale in Houston, TX

If you're looking for a used Volvo XC40 that you'll love, then you've come to the right place. Grubbs Volvo Cars has matched up drivers like you with the perfect used Volvo XC40 for many years. This page will tell you about model features, safety, and innovations. We'll also discuss warranties, service, & more. Make sure to look at all of our pre-owned Volvo cars to get a sense of what we have to offer, or scroll below to dive into our inventory & specs.

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You’ll Love Driving a Used Volvo XC40

Meet the latest member of the Volvo Cars family. Introduced in 2018 to strong critical acclaim, any used Volvo XC40 brings value, safety, and an impressive set of features that set her apart from anything else you might be comparing her to. Unless, of course, you’re comparing her to a used Volvo XC60. Then the only difference becomes just a bit more space. So here's a list of our top reasons why we know you'll love driving a used Volvo XC40.

Reason #3: A Car Built For The Future

Slide into any used Volvo XC40 from our inventory, and a generous-sized digital dashboard will greet you. You've got 12.3" of LCD screen to configure vehicle data, driver information, entertainment, and more. Then there’s another 9" of digital screen to the right which acts as the hub for nearly all of your vehicle controls, including driver modes, WiFi, navigation, and more. With a subscription to Volvo On Call, you can start, lock & unlock your doors, and heat (or cool down) your cabin right from your smartphone. The Volvo XC40 is also the only model in-fleet to offer an all-electric powertrain. So if you see a used Volvo XC40 with AWD and 402-hp on our lot, you might want to scoop her up quickly.

Reason #2: A Legacy Of Safety Comes Standard

The idea of a used Volvo XC40 and safety should go hand in hand. Many features like the three-point lap belt, curtain airbags, and side-impact beams were all Volvo Cars inventions, shared freely with other OEMs to elevate the safety of all road-bound machines. Today, you'll find all of those plus standard autonomous braking, blind-spot monitoring, lane-keep assist, oncoming collision mitigation, pedestrian detection, run-off-road protection, LED headlights, whiplash mitigating front seats, and so much more.

Reason #1: Shared DNA & A Style All Her Own

One look at a used Volvo XC40 for sale in Houston, TX, and the brand DNA is instantly recognizable. Look a little bit closer, and you'll discover elements unique to the model like scalloped doors, hidden cargo compartments, a removable waste bin, dynamic interiors including the stunning "Lava Package," and model-exclusive colors like Sage Green & Amazon Blue (among other favorites).

Beyond the Used Volvo XC40 for Sale

In addition to the Volvo Cars legacy of safety, we've got a legacy of longevity, too. Did you know we hold the Guinness World Record for the highest mileage ever recorded in a vehicle? With over three million miles and counting, there's no telling just how far any Volvo vehicle might go. With diligent maintenance at our Volvo Service Center and unlimited mileage warranties for powertrains on Certified By Volvo vehicles, you might become the next record holder.

If you're interested in a Certified By Volvo vehicle, look out for a 2019 Volvo XC40. 2019s are just starting to come off-lease, and typically all of our lease vehicles become certified. If you're still shopping around and getting to know the brand, it's worth exploring any used Volvo XC90 for sale from our inventory. You’ll find options like massage seating, acoustic filtration, and onboard refrigeration. Let us know which one you want to see washed & ready for a test drive. See you soon!

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