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So much is riding on your tires. If you know that you’re coming up to a tire change and are hunting for the right spot to get your next set of Volvo tires, Grubbs Volvo Cars Central Houston near Cypress, TX, has you covered. Our Volvo tire center has an incredible selection of all the sizes, brands, and applications you need so that you can carry your precious cargo safely and reliably. As you scroll below, check out some essential information to assist you with your shopping experience.

New Volvo Tires & More at Grubbs Volvo Cars Central Houston

Did you know that tires are made out of different compounds? They’re also constructed for different speeds. They’re even constructed for different weights! That’s a lot of technology going into your new Volvo tires. But why? When you think “tires,” you’ve got to think “traction.” Traction in rain, sleet, snow, ice, heat, and pavement. There are specialized tires for each of those conditions, and there are tires that are available to accommodate a little bit of everything. Summer/sport tires are softer, and they wear faster – but they give you the best traction possible for your application. Winter tires are harder and noisier at high speeds – but give you the traction you need for winter applications. Let our Volvo tires specialists work with you to determine the best fit for your application. They know your vehicle better than anyone else, and they can quickly determine the type of Volvo tires you need without any hassle.

Exceptional Coverage for Your Volvo Tires Near Cypress

Our Volvo tires service starts with ensuring the right tires for your model. We offer competitive prices, expert installation, and even hazard protection on eligible brands. Now, if you’ve purchased a wheel and tire protection plan to go with your lease or purchase, let us know, and we can help you seamlessly enjoy your benefits. If your Volvo tires have been damaged by road hazards, debris, and road surface conditions, you’ve got benefits available! If your wheel has been damaged and cannot be repaired, cannot hold air, cannot be balanced, or has other structural problems, you’ve got benefits available! And yes, this coverage is unlimited per your plan and is fully transferable to another owner.

Outside of playing slalom with the various road hazards that can appear on a daily basis, there are some simple things you can do to ensure the longevity of your tires. Making sure you have proper alignment, rotation, and balance can go a long way. It will ensure maximum road contact and encourage even wear on your tires. Maintaining proper inflation will also keep your tires in contact with the road – not to mention keeping that tire pressure sensor light off! Having your tires inspected for damage and tread depth is also important. Did you know that any measurement less than 3/32nd’s is even illegal in some states? This can severely reduce your ability to have traction during inclement weather, making it a safety risk to you and others!

No matter the reason or the season, the Grubbs Volvo Cars Central Houston tire center is here to ensure the safety and performance of your world-class Volvo vehicle. Contact us today by phone or schedule service online. See you soon!

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