Service Specials

Comprehensive Post-Storm Damage Inspection and Repair Package

Package Overview

After a major storm, your property may be exposed to various types of damage, including water damage and dents caused by debris. Our Comprehensive Post-Storm Damage Inspection and Repair Package is designed to offer you peace of mind and ensure your property is restored to its pre-storm condition. This package includes a detailed inspection and a 20% discount on any recommended services.

Package Details

  1. Initial Comprehensive Inspection:
    • Water Damage Assessment:
      • Inspection of roofing, walls, ceilings, and basements for water intrusion.
      • Moisture detection using advanced equipment to identify hidden water damage.
      • Evaluation of insulation, drywall, and structural components for water-related deterioration.
    • Dent and Structural Damage Inspection:
      • Visual and hands-on inspection of exterior surfaces including siding, windows, and doors.
      • Detection of dents, cracks, and other structural impacts.
      • Assessment of roofing materials and structures for impact damage from hail or debris.
  2. Detailed Report and Consultation:
    • A comprehensive report outlining the extent of the damage.
    • Professional recommendations for necessary repairs and preventive measures.
    • Personal consultation to discuss findings, answer questions, and plan the next steps.
  3. Repair and Restoration Services:
    • Water Damage Mitigation and Restoration:
      • Immediate water extraction and drying services.
      • Mold prevention and remediation.
      • Repair or replacement of damaged drywall, insulation, and structural components.
    • Dent and Structural Repairs:
      • Repair of dents on siding, roofing, and other exterior surfaces.
      • Replacement of damaged materials with high-quality, durable options.
      • Ensuring structural integrity and aesthetic restoration of the property.
  4. Exclusive 20% Discount:
    • Customers will receive a 20% discount on all recommended repair services based on the initial inspection report.
    • Applies to both water damage restoration and dent repair services.
    • Discount also covers preventive measures to protect against future storm damage.